Saturday, June 25, 2005

Things Are Still Chugging Along

I know my posting has been thin lately. Our unit is still in post-mobilization training stateside and lately the collective training has been occupying my every waking moment. The training makes it tough to find enough time to get to an internet connection and blog. Frankly, I've been too tired to post during most of the last two weeks. The training has to come first. I wish everyone in my unit felt the same way, though.
I can't understand why some of my fellow soldiers can't seem to get it through their heads that we are headed off to war. The only thing I can imagine is that 10 to 20 years of being a part time reservist is just so imbedded in their heads that they cannot possibly conceive that they might be in a narrow street fighting for their lives soon. They laugh off simulated casualties in training, but don't seem to realize that if we don't take training seriously here we will experience real casualties over there.