Thursday, June 02, 2005

Let me clarify

Let me clarify my earlier post
I believe that although there are more liberal reporters than conservative ones in the Main Stream Media (MSM), this is not their primary reason for slanting their reporting. Reporters and editors slant their reporting towards what is sensational and what will make them money (more circulation means they can charge more for advertising space).
Remember how the press dogpiled on the most liberal president in the last 40 years, Clinton? The MSM would sell out their own mothers if it meant a getting a "scoop" on their competitors and better ratings/circulation. If the MSM were truly interested solely in informing the people, we would never hear this on the 6 o'clock news: "3 children were gunned down at a local school today. Stay tuned after the commercial to find out which school." Good Lord, am I really supposed to sit through 2 minutes of commercials to find out if it was my kid's school that got shot up? Those "teaser" statements are designed to get you to stick around and watch the commercials that finance the MSM.
My major beef with the press is that most reporters/editors truly think that they are unbiased. They somehow see themselves as the nuetral referees of the world and "above" the level of the daily fray. They don't realize that they are participants, influencing the events that they report on... (e.g. Newsweek and the riots in Afghanistan.