Thursday, June 09, 2005


It's been a busy week here. Lots of individual training for the unit (weapons qualification, driver's training, land navigation, etc.)
The honeymoon is definitely over in this unit, though. We've been active duty for about a month and people are starting to get on each other's nerves.
The prior service soldiers (those who were active duty before joining the guard) are annoyed with the reservists who have no idea how to behave on active duty.
The non-prior service soldiers are annoyed with the prior service soldiers for correcting them.
The prior service soldiers are embarrassed that the unit is so unorganized and sub-standard.
The non-prior service reservists are annoyed with the chain of command for making them act like a team instead of allowing them to be the individuals that they were prior to mobilization.
The chain of command is just making things harder for everyone by inserting unnecessary hurdles into the planning process. Instead of changes taking a hour to work their way down to the lowest soldier (me), they take days to staff their way through a bunch of unnecessary officers & NCOs. Sometimes, we never get the changes until it's too late. Basically, every soldier in the unit has given up trying to plan more than one day out. We just show up at first formation everyday with no clue what the plan is and then we hope for the best.
Jeez, I hope this gets better soon.
I'll bet you $5 that someone takes a punch at another soldier within the week. Tensions are high.

update: Two weeks have gone by and no punches have been thrown to my knowledge. Too bad no one too me up on my bet. you woulda got five bucks.