Thursday, June 09, 2005

quit being so suspicious

I thought all along that this was probably the truth about Pat Tillman's death. I don't believe there was an intentional coverup by the Ranger leadership. The Ranger battalions are composed of some pretty high-speed guys who take their honor very seriously. They didn't want to disappoint the family until they had all the facts. They also had to know that something as big as this would eventually get out.
I wish people outside the military would give people inside the military the benefit of the doubt.
update: The general who investigated the cicumstances after Tillman's death, BG Gary Jones, said in an LA Times story that "There was a view at several levels of the [Ranger chain of] command that it would be best to wait until the conclusion of the investigation before telling the family about any possible fratricide so that the family was not given what one commander characterized as a half-baked explanation of what happened."
That rings true for me.