Thursday, May 26, 2005

Armor and Smallpox and Briefings, Oh My!

Just been doing the normal things that mobilizing reservists do... Going through medical inprocessing (including Smallpox vaccinations), getting our personal gear issued (including body armor), and attending endless briefings and classes about the job we will do in the middle east.
We've been working 16-hour days all this week except for today, but I think we're just making our lives harder unnecessarily. I think this is a combination of things:
1. Reservists are used to driving hard for 15 days (the length of an annual training period) and then going home. The problem is that we are on active duty for 545 days, not 15. We have to pace ourselves.
2. We are overcompensating while trying to show our active duty evalutators that we are just as hard-working as they are. AKA the "I'm not a lazy Reservist Syndrome"
3. We don't know the usual routine of active duty troops, so we are working "hard," not "smart." Unnecessary meetings, training until 2000 at night when we could do it the next day, etc.
We're starting to find our footing, but things are still rocky. Some of our senior NCO leadership is having trouble making the adjustment to active duty. I think the individual I'm thinking of in particular never thought this unit would never mobilize and he was trying to "hide out" in a "cush job." Well, now the unit has been activated and he responsible for hundreds of soldiers and obviously doesn't want to be.