Sunday, November 06, 2005

Linker vs. Thinker

When I was back in the states, waiting to come over here, I used to read milblogs every day. I had easy and regular access to my personal computer and the internet. I read Blackfive every day and Matt posted serveral times each day. I checked Firepower Forward daily, too, but Brian didn't post that much... only once a week or so. I enjoyed Brian's posts so much, I found myself wishing that this guy would post more.
Now that I'm over here in the same theater as Brian, I see why he couldn't post as much as I wanted him to. There's a war on and we work some long hours to fight the logistical battles behind the scenes. When I'm done with work, all i want to do is email my wife, watch a video or two of SixPointFive playing with his toys, and then rack out. I really don't have much energy for pontificating on the military life and politics at the end of the day. That's not whining, just showing respect for all the milbloggers over here who do find the time and energy to not only read the news and keep up with world events, but to trudge over to an internet connection, pay the AAFES fees, and blog about their experiences and thoughts. Thanks for your efforts, guys (and girls).
The debate has long raged in the blogosphere over "linkers" vs "thinkers." That is, there are bloggers who primarily link to the work of others and bloggers who primarily write down their own throughts, experiences, or analysis. I would like to think of myself as a Thinker who does some linking to quality work every now and then. The problem with original thought is that it requires time and effort, which as I mentioned before, is in scarce supply over here.
So, for all of you who regularly check this blog even after I deployed here, I want to say "thanks for sticking with me." I hope to keep posting original material here with an insight to what life is like in this theater and some commentary on military events and politics. I think it'll be more of a weekly basis than a daily basis like it was before I got here. The job's gotta come first. Then family. Then sleep. Then blogging. Oh, and a hot shower in there every now and then.