Thursday, September 01, 2005

Counterprotest article

More on the subject of protesters. The author of Conservative Propaganda has a great article about counter-protesting during the Code Pink Protest at Walter Reed Army Hospital that I mentioned yesterday. My favorite slice of this article was
Across the street from the main gate was another, larger band of counter-protestors with more and bigger signs. Code Pink takes a dim view of the counterprotestors in its website. It considers the counter-protests as "right-wing attacks." In the world of Code Pink, dissenting from their view is an attack. No disagreement with their position is legitimate. Nobody has the moral right to oppose their anti-war protests. In the lefty world, only lefties have free speech. To them, counter-protesting seems terribly unfair and wrong. They are uncomfortable with having their own tactics turned against them.

I agree wholeheartedly. These people think that the only free speech is that speech which agrees with their position. I wish that I had been to some of these counter protests when i was back stateside. Maybe I'll fly out and join Smash in San Diego.