Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Why we Must Stay in Iraq

From Victor Hanson, an article that appeared in the Washington Post about why we must stay in Iraq until the job is done. Mr. Hanson is a professor of military history at Stanford. An excerpt echoing my own analysis:
It is true that foreign terrorists are flocking into the country, the way they earlier crossed the Pakistani border into Afghanistan to fight with the Taliban, and that this makes the short-term task of securing the country far more difficult. But again, just as there were more Nazis and fascists out in the open in 1941 than before the war, so too there were almost none left by 1946. If we continue to defeat the jihadists in Iraq — and the untold story of this war is that the U.S. military has performed brilliantly in killing and jailing tens of thousands of them — their cause will be discredited by the stick of military defeat and the carrot of genuine political freedom.