Sunday, August 21, 2005

Over There? no, over here.

Sorry for the lack of steady blogging lately. I wanted to maintain some OPerational SECurity (OPSEC) about my travel here to the Middle East. A couple of weeks ago, I made it safely here to a large logistics base somewhere in the Iraq/Kuwait theater of operations. I'm not a door-kicker and my job requires me to be on a large base. This is where I'll fight my portion of the war from. I might go on a convoy out of the base from time to time, but I'm no infantry trooper.
The conditions on this base are much better than those at the smaller FOBs in theater. All in all, we have it pretty cush here. There is a small PX with many small amenities available to improve troops' quality of life. There are also a couple of fast food shacks in case I don't feel like eating for free at the dining facility.
All of this civilization is a departure from my last time getting shot at. Back then, I arrived at the tip of the spear and had the discomfort to show for it. We slept outdoors or in vehicles, burn latrines were the order of the day, we had no showers, and hot chow was intermittent at best.
Walking around here, I've seen some of the door-kickers who get to visit this base to take a break from their violent day-to-day reality. I look at them with a mix of envy and "better you than me" attitude. I wish I could get out there and do my part, but it's been a long time since I walked a combat patrol.
I've been concentrating on settling into my job up until now. I'll post some of my observations from my first couple weeks over the next few days.