Thursday, August 04, 2005

Where's the balance, folks?

When I read "news stories" like this one in the mainstream media (MSM) about heavy casualties in a particular Marine battalion, I get pissed off. Yes, it's tragic that 40 Marines from the same battalion have been killed in Iraq since March, but that's the sole focus of the entire story: lots of dead Marines. What about the things that these brave Marines died to accomplish? Where's the reporting on that?
Did they bring peace and security to an entire region of Iraq? I don't know, cause it isn't in the "news story."
Were they ambushed by a superior enemy force and fought their way to overwhelming victory despite the lopsided odds? I don't know, cause it isn't in the "news story."
Did any of the surviving Marines commit incredible acts of bravery and self-sacrifice to save their fellow Marines in spite of such horrible bloodshed? I don't know, cause it isn't in the "news story."
If all we ever heard about was how many firefighters and cops died on the streets and never heard about all the people saved and all the criminals arrested, we'd begin to think that these jobs were horrible, tragic, dangerous, and unnecessary. That's how the skewed reporting of the mainstream media is beginning to warp the American public's perception of one of the most honorable professions left: the US Military.
I'm sick with disgust. How about some good news on what good these soldiers, sailors, and Marines are doing over there?