Monday, August 01, 2005


My unit was only at 50% strength when the first general in its chain of command decided to volunteer it for the mission. He had his minions search around for other soldiers who could fill the unit up to 100% and he cast a HUGE net. There are soldiers in this unit who were involuntarily transferred into it from over 400 miles away...
What kind of unit integrity does that foster? The point of the reserves was having everybody in their hometown working together. Neighbors, businesspeople, teachers, and students all from the same community. Well, now that this unit is deployed, what about the families? HouseholdSix just got a flyer for a picnic over 200 miles away! So much for fostering an effective family support group! My wife can't pack of SixPointFive and travel over 200 miles for a picnic. Is that her fault? No. It's the fault of the guy who decided to involuntarily transfer me 200 miles away in order to fill a unit that he shouldn't have broken (or subsequently volunteered) in the first place.
The people who decided to grab soldiers from so far away to fill this unit set us and our families up for failure. This all goes back to the recipe for disaster that the reserve generals cooked up in the post 9/11 world.