Monday, July 18, 2005

My 15 Seconds

I drafted this post over the weekend, originally just jotting down some notes to save as a draft and then flesh them out and publish during the week. I was originally going to talk about how the 15 seconds of fame that I got from being mentioned in the Army Times was now over. My daily traffic had gone from 40 hits/day before the story to 200/day after the story was published and was back down to 40 again. The spike from the Army Times was small and pretty short-lived.
What changed today's post was Blackfive linking to a post of me linking to ROFA Six's German Shepherd picture.
Due to Matt's link, I have had over 500 600 700 hits today so far. Good Lord, it took me 3 months to amass 4000 hits and a simple link from Matt can bust out almost a thousand referrals in a day. Through, I can tell that over 95% of my hits today came from referrals from Blackfive.
"So what," you ask?
I don't care about how many hits this blog gets, but it just goes to show how much influence Blackfive has over the milblogosphere... WAY more influence than the Army Times.