Thursday, April 14, 2005

A new way to mobilize - by echelon

This mobilization is going poorly right off the bat. The truth from FORSCOM is changing at an alarming rate. Already our mobilization date has shifted up several weeks from the original order and the mobilization station (where we go for stateside training) has changed twice. To top it off, the senior officers and NCOs aren't even at their posts doing their job... they're still in the one-weekend-a-month mode.
I think the Army could do this smarter. All of the senior officers and NCOs in this unit are still in reserve status. They're still at their civilian jobs or off on leave somewhere. What should happen is that the commander and his staff should be federally mobilized 6 weeks before the bulk of the unit, with subordinate leaders mobilized in echelons... Platoon leaders at m-4 weeks, squad leaders at m-2 weeks, etc. That way, leaders could make plans and have them staffed and disseminated before the troopies show up on the first day.
Instead, we are all showing up together on the first day of mobilization with no plans, no forethought, and a distinct likelihood that we will jump through our asses unnecessarily.
God help us. This is gonna suck.

(update: linked to Greyhawks' open post)