Monday, April 04, 2005

No Shit, Jane

After 30 years, Jane Fonda has finally had a Blinding Flash of the Obvious: On 60 Minutes last night she said her 1972 visit to a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun site used to shoot down U.S. pilots was a "betrayal" of the U.S. military. Well, duh, you traitorous bitch. The minute she came back to American soil, she should've been hauled into court and charged with treason for lending aid and comfort to the enemy.
If you check out the 60 Minutes link above, you can see that she, however, doesn't apologize for meeting with POWs in a North Vietnamese propaganda campaign. Nor does she apologize for appearing on Radio Hanoi at least 10 times, speaking directly to U.S. pilots and saying "I beg you to consider what you are doing. The hospitals are filled with babies, and women and old people. Can you justify what you are doing?"
I really don't care what she says now. I still refuse to buy or watch anything she has made. She still owes those Vietnam vets and this country some hard-core jail time. Not Martha-Stewart jail time, tossed-salad-man jail time.