Wednesday, November 23, 2005


From an Article in the Wall Street Journal:
Americans' confidence that "Iraq will be successful in developing a democratic and reasonably stable government" has declined sharply since August . . . Three months ago, 40% of U.S. adults were confident that Iraq would be able to develop a stable democratic government, but now only 32% say they are confident that this will happen, according to the recent telephone poll of 1,011 adults.
Majorities -- little changed since June and August -- continue to believe that "overall life for Iraqis" is getting better (68%), the "overall infrastructure of Iraq" is getting better (62%), and that the "security of Iraqi civilians" is getting better (52%).

What the heck, over? Things are getting better, but we're going to lose anyway?
Things are getting better, but we should cut and run anyway?
Why are we talking about withdrawing our troops when most people think that things are getting better (and they are from everything I hear over here).
I have way too much invested in this thing to stomach losing this war. It's like breaking your leg during the superbowl only to have your team lose anyhow. I've given up so much to be here (luckily my buddies and I haven't had to give up body parts or ourselves here) and if the American public forces us to withdraw, I'm never going to forgive them.
Let's see this through. We're making progress. Democracy is happening, but it takes time.
Be patient people!!! Like the patience I have to excercise when thinking about how long it will be until I get to play with my son again.