Friday, May 13, 2005

Will blog for food

What most active duty soldiers don't understand about reservist's pay is this: it takes a manual action to get you paid every single time perform some sort of duty (weekend drills, summer training, schools, etc.). If the unit's pay clerk (usually a mid-level Active Guard NCO) doesn't remember to put you in for pay, you're screwed. Nevermind that the person who is putting you (the reservist) in for pay is an AGR and his paycheck arrives every two weeks like clockwork.
I think that AGR soldiers should have to put themselves in for pay every two weeks just like they have to submit others for pay. That would probably improve their memory and their sympathy towards soldiers who haven't been paid due to the AGR's neglect.
Can you tell that the AGR in my unit "forgot" to pay me this week?

update: I'll finally get my paycheck 19 days after my last day of duty on those orders. Turns out that the AGR "thought someone else was gonna take care of it." Maybe he should float me a loan until payday.