Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Don't Jump to Conclusions

With the news that the Army is not going to meet it's recruiting goals for two months in a row, the Left is jumping to some wrong conclusions:

Wrong Conclusion #1. The Army will be desperate enough to drop it's "don't ask, don't tell" policy and allow gays to serve openly in order to boost it's numbers.
Six sez: Fat Chance. The left has been pushing to make the armed forces their little social experiment lab for years now, but our current Commander In Chief will never support letting gays serve openly. I think he would be more likely to roll back the policy to pre-1993 where they asked military recruits whether or not they were homosexual.

Wrong Conclusion #2. President Bush will have to bring back the draft now.
Six sez: I seriously doubt it.
Remember that last year, the left (in this case, Howard Dean) was threatening us that if we voted for Bush last November, we'd have the draft by now. Various moonbats have even stood up and offered suggestions on how to dodge military service. (a obvious ticket-punch for a future democratic president)
The miltary doesn't want a draft and there won't be a draft... unless we invade Iran or something.